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June 2011: Bob Rushby explains why pixels will soon be everywhere

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Bob Rushby thinks that pixels are about to escape the bounds of their current display devices. As the recently-retired CTO of Christie Digital, he knows something about throwing pixels around, and in this month’s uxWaterloo session he’ll discuss the convergence of lighting and information display and the major effects it will have on architecture, graphic design, communications and how we live and work.

Electric lighting is used everywhere around us. It’s so ubiquitous that we are almost unaware of it. Yet the way we think about lighting is about to fundamentally change. No longer will lighting merely illuminate our desks, our walls and our buildings. Whether at home, in our workplace, or in public spaces, lighting is about to be transformed — it will communicate with us, interact with us, and help us see the world with new eyes. Pixels will be everywhere and this will have profound implications on our lives.

Bob retired from Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. in February 2011 after an exciting career leading talented teams in the creation of ground-breaking high technology products. Christie is a global leader in projection and electronic display products and has the world’s largest installed base of digital cinema projection systems. Bob is currently involved with several exciting university entrepreneurship initiatives — in particular, the University of Waterloo REAP program and the Ryerson University Digital Media Zone. He is also writing a book on the theme of Digital Light… pixels everywhere.

Thursday June 16, 2010
5:30 to 7:00 pm
Google Waterloo
151 Charles Street West, Suite 200
Kitchener, ONT


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(May 2011) Designing for iOS devices at Monolith Interactive

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iOS devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone represent a new paradigm for interacting with powerful computers. Designing for them presents a set of exciting challenges that we’re only starting to explore.

Simon Woodside and his company, Monolith Interactive, have been building iOS products for some time now. He believes that a “single screen” approach is a the way to build successful iOS products, and he’ll share his thinking through real-world examples and a hands-on workshop. This is a chance to see and understand how Simon approaches the challenges and to learn about designing for a truly engaging mobile platform.

Thursday May 19, 2010
5:30 to 7:00 pm
Accelerator Centre
295 Hagey Blvd., Waterloo


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Job: Product Designer at Desire2Learn

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Product Designer

Desire2Learn makes industry-leading web-based enterprise eLearning systems. Our products are used by hundreds of clients to deliver accredited courses for both on-campus and distance education programs. Our applications deliver material to millions of users worldwide every single day.

Product Designers are responsible for taking requirements from Product Management and refining and translating them into detailed functional specifications that support the overall product strategy. The Product Designers will work with clients, partners, as well as stakeholders from several business units to ensure functionality meets the needs of our targeted markets. Additionally, the Product Designer will assist the Product Manager with assessing cross product and operational impacts of proposed development projects.

Division/Department: Product Development
Type of Position: Full-time
Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Main Duties

  • Researches market trends, competitive offerings and industry standards to ensure that designs are informed and complete
  • Facilitates user-centered design process by conducting focus groups, running surveys and interacting with our user community
  • Refines and details user and functional requirements as laid out by the Product Manager
  • Conducts design reviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • Initiates and manages communications with these parties, escalates to Product Manager when needed
  • Creates and maintains detailed production-level functional specifications
  • Creates detailed product designs to meet functional specifications
  • Utilizes mock-up tools to prepare product prototypes
  • Works with Architecture and Quality Assurance to ensure feasibility of detailed design
  • Works with Usability Specialists to ensure adherence to best practices, define usability testing requirements and make appropriate design changes based on design reviews

Work Experience Recommendations

  • 1-3 years of experience directly related to the duties listed above
  • Superior technical writing skills
  • Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Familiar with web technologies and Software Development Life Cycle
  • Knowledge of web services and distributed web-based systems
  • Familiar with Web 2.0, JavaScript, AJAX, XML and other leading-edge web technologies
  • Proven experience managing people and projects an asset

Education Recommendations

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in a technical field with high academic achievement

This is your opportunity to make a big impact in the area of next-generation eLearning applications! Candidates that have the combination of skills and abilities as outlined are invited to submit their qualifications in confidence today.

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