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March 2013: The story of Swearnet

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If you’re a fan of the Trailer Park Boys, you will NOT want to miss this month’s event. Even if you’re not a fan, mark your calendar anyway because the discussion is guaranteed to be lively.

Introducing Swearnet

Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay — otherwise known as “the Boys” — are Canadian actors and comedians you might know from the Trailer Park Boys, The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour, and now Swearnet. This month, we get an inside look at the design and launch of Swearnet.

Swearnet is a new channel for the the Boys to share their style of humour online. It permits them to keep ownership of their intellectual property and better monetize their lives as actors — in other words, they can own the business instead of handing it over to major media outlets and multinational empires. It also frees them from regulatory bodies such as the CRTC and FCC, which to their frustration impose limits on the number of times they can say ****, ****, or even **** *** **********.

Learn about the design and launch of Swearnet

Our guide for this journey is Dan Nedelko of ArtBarn and Honeypot Marketing in Cambridge. Dan has worked with the Boys to make Swearnet’s vision a reality, guiding the production of the website. He’ll share lots of juicy insights into both the design process and the outcomes of the launch, in a 90-minute meetup you won’t soon forget.

The design concept behind the launch of Swearnet is a lot of fun: in a series of weekly videos, the Boys create a narrative arc in which the Swearnet website gets designed and developed by Randy, one of the show’s characters. In each video, they harangue Randy for being such a terrible designer while resetting his priorities for the next week; and with each new video, the website itself changes to reflect Randy’s most recent work, which continues the cycle.

If you’ve ever complained about having a nightmare client, you’ll relate to Randy’s situation. Though it’s unlikely you’ve ever had a client speak so… well, so frankly of their feelings about your work.

Please register for this free event

WARNING: Expect to encounter LOTS of foul language! We’ll be showing videos from Swearnet that make it obvious where the site got its name.


Tuesday March 26, 2013
5:30 to 7:00 pm
Private room at The Barley Works
(upstairs in the Huether Hotel)

Note the location change. We are no longer in the Lion Brewery downstairs.
59 King St. North
Waterloo, Ontario

Job: Usability Specialist

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Desire2LearnJob: Usability Specialist

Company: Desire2Learn

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Industry: E-Learning

What would I be doing in this role at Desire2Learn?

The Usability Specialist will work across product teams to define and implement user experience standards and best practices. They will provide research support at all phases of the design process.  To drive integration of research findings, the Usability Specialist will develop written summaries and concept designs.

The Usability Specialist will also promote inclusive design by researching, specifying, designing and advocating for accessibility-oriented features and functionality.  Additionally, they will act as an ambassador for Desire2Learn user experience both internally and within the larger user community.

What would my main duties be?

  • Conduct research into ergonomics and human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Ensure overall consistency and ease of use of the product suite
  • Conduct design reviews
  • Responsible for accessibility reviews and evangelism
  • Conduct remote and in-person user research
  • Facilitate user-centered design practices throughout the Product Design function
  • Create and maintain all necessary patterns and design guides

What is Desire2Learn looking for from me?

  • Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Experience planning and facilitating usability testing, focus groups, and customer interviews
  • Experience with software development life cycles including Agile or other project methodologies is an asset
  • An exceptional understanding of fundamental design principles and graphical design fundamentals
  • Knowledge of eLearning and/or Learning Management Systems is an asset

Education Recommendations

  • Post-secondary degree in human factors or interaction design (or equivalent professional experience)

Company Description

Be part of the excitement as Desire2Learn continues to grow and expand! Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn is a stable and growing company that is transforming the way people teach and learn. Desire2Learn is a leader in providing innovative eLearning solutions to academic and other leading organizations around the world. We have a proven track record of client success. Our outstanding service and support has made us the partner of choice for leading organizations around the globe. We take great pride in providing our clients with the best learning environment possible. As our name suggests, we’re passionate about creating solutions that can ignite the desire to learn in anyone. With a focus on user experience, accessibility, mobility, platform security and reliability we deliver systems that our clients and their learners can count on anywhere, anytime.

To support our unique and thriving culture, Desire2learn’s highly skilled employees are encouraged to drive innovation and excellence in a dynamic environment which promotes collaboration, continual self-improvement, and effective communication. We look for people who want to make an impact and be a part of something big. We are seeking superstars who demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial drive, an enthusiastic and dedicated mindset and a thirst for challenge. The ability to think on your feet and work successfully both in independent and team-settings is essential. You will grow professionally as you help us grow as a leader in providing eLearning solutions!

Visit to learn more about our exciting career opportunities and the amazing employee experience offered by Desire2Learn! Or, apply for this job here.