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Job: UI designer (web and mobile) at RDM

Posted: February 9th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Jobs | Tags: | No Comments »

Location: RDM in Waterloo, Ontario

Team or role: UI designer

Company Information

RDM is a leading provider of specialized software and hardware products for electronic payment processing. RDM has pioneered electronic cheque conversion systems and web based image and transaction management services for banks, retailers, payment processors and government agencies.

Position Summary

We are doing a UI refresh of an existing web application and related mobile app. We are looking for someone to mock up screens in Photoshop, create assets, and create UI guidelines. For specific high priority modules, we also want assistance with usability reviews, workflow improvements, and a more intensive UI redesign. This is a large complex product and requires someone who has experience with software development processes. This is a 4-6 month temporary or contract position.


For more information about this position, and to apply, visit the RDM site.