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November 2017: Thinking of the future is easy, the hard part is doing something about it

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In this presentation, Aaron Szymanski and Janice de Jong of Real/Ideal will introduce the Strategic Foresight process, and how it informs ethnographic research and product strategy. With a case study of their work with Blue Ant Media’s Cottage Life brand, they will show what Strategic Foresight is and how fits in a user-centred innovation process. They’ll also give tips on how you can apply it in your own work.

Aaron Szymanski is a UX designer and strategist with Real/Ideal. Aaron’s previous experience includes Kinetic Cafe, where he led the design team and was the product owner for ALDO’s iOS application and Connected Store (Store of the Future) programs. Previously a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs and an Industrial Designer at BlackBerry where he worked with the portfolio development team to envision the future of connected technology and experiences.

Janice de Jong is a researcher and design strategist with Real/Ideal. Driven by the belief that understanding today can build a better tomorrow, she is passionate about inspiring private and public organizations to create the future. She holds a Master’s in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, is based in Kitchener, and is a frequent UX Waterloo attendee.

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Thursday November 16, 2017
5:30 to 7:00 pm
3rd Floor Theatre, Roddenberry, Communitech
151 Charles Street West
Kitchener, Ontario

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